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With a fifty year history in the construction industry, we are the go-to choice for a surety bond company in Kansas City. We will secure your maximum bond capacity, find innovative ways to structure and manage your financials, respond to your requests and connect you to markets that match your needs.


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6 Tips for Successful Bonds

Tip #1

Net Worth versus Working Capital

For heavy contractors, your equipment is your working capital. Instead of putting more cash in your business, let your equipment equity work for you by using a net worth bond company.

Tip #2

Defining Backlog to Your Advantage

Many contractors refer to backlog as the total dollar amount of projects under contract and projects in the pipeline. Bond companies, on the other hand, refer to backlog as either Cost to Complete (CTC) or Left to Bill (LTB). Some count total backlog and some bonded only. By thinking like a bond company, contractors are better positioned to maximize their bond capacity.

Tip #3

Managing Your Bank Line of Credit

Most lines of credit contain a “demand clause” which is why bond companies will count your bank line as a current liability. If you can extend the maturity date of the line of credit to two years or more, you may be able to reduce your liabilities and increase your working capital – putting you in a stronger position to obtain the bond.

Tip #4

Why One Bond Rate is Better Than Two

Many heavy contractor have to use more than one bond rate for the work they perform. This can be complicated and unnecessary. Let us get you one low rate for all your bonded work.

Tip #5

Why You Should Count Your Personal Net Worth

Although they are asking you to indemnify, many bond companies do not give credit to the personal net worth you’ve accumulated. Let us change that. Many of our programs look at the personal assets to boost capacity for our heavy contractors.

Tip #6

Managing Your Off Balance Sheet Equity

Do you own a lot of depreciated equipment? Is it being factored into your bond capacity or completely discounted? We can use it to boost your bond credit.

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We’ll Find a Way

Simply put, we’re the surety bond company in Kansas City that places bonds others cannot. Whether you’ve had a great year and need $500 million in capacity or a tough year and need one bond to get you back on track, we will get it placed. Our experts will work tirelessly on your behalf. You can count on us to get the job done.

surety bond insurance in Kansas City


Know Where Your Finances Stand

Our bond experts are your financial partners. We take the time to understand and analyze your financial statements so that we can make adjustments and secure bonds when other agencies can’t. We’ll put you in the best light to help your business grow.

Better Business Solutions

Industry Experience

Strong Ties to Bond Companies

General contractors, heavy equipment contractors, subcontractors, specialty contractors - we've worked with a wide variety of companies within the industry for decades. Our relationships with over 20 national and regional bond companies opens the door to many options to find you the best solution.

Strategic Planning

Resources to Fuel Your Business Operations

We provide you with industry data, connections to professionals such as CPAs, lenders and attorneys, and classes on succession planning, mergers/acquisitions or ownership transition. As your surety bond insurance company in Kansas City, we have your long-term success in mind.

Timely Support

Quick Response Time

"Scary fast" is how one client described our response time. We commit to returning calls and answering questions within 24 hours – but it's often within one hour. We'll go the extra mile to secure a bond when your timeline is short and your needs are critical.


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