Surety Bonds

A Bond Partner to Rely On

That next job could be a defining moment for your company…but only if you can secure the right bond. Take your company to the next level by working with a bond partner who can help get the job done.

Secure the
Bonds You

Maybe you’ve had a great year and need $100 million in capacity. Or it’s been tough and you need one bond to get back on track. If you are being denied the bonds you deserve, it’s time to work with an experienced broker who understands what bond underwriters are looking for and will work tirelessly on your behalf.

You Get the Job. We’ll Get You the Bond.

Simply put, The Miller Group is a surety broker that places bonds others cannot. When a contractor is in trouble, our creativity kicks in to find innovative solutions that keep your company moving forward.

With a 60-year history in the construction industry, we are the go-to for surety bonds. We help secure your maximum bond capacity, find innovative ways to structure and manage your financials, respond to your requests and connect you to markets that match your needs.

Better Bond Solutions

Strong Ties to Bond Companies

Our relationships with over 20 national and regional bond companies opens the door to many options to find you the best solution.

Quick Response Time

Your time is valuable. Work with a team committed to returning your calls and answering questions in a timely manner.

A Financial Partner

We understand the multiple and often complex financial considerations analyzed by banks and surety underwriters. We take the time to understand and analyze your financial statements.

An Experienced Bond Team

Experience is knowledge. Work with an advisor and account team that have dedicated their entire careers to the bond industry.

A Lasting Relationship

Our 100% retention rate for bond clients does not happen by chance. Clients appreciate our open and honest feedback designed to help them build a bond program with a trusted surety company. Our absolute goal is to see you succeed.

Resources to Fuel Your Business

Have access to valuable industry data and professionals such as CPAs, lenders and attorneys. Think long-term with classes on succession planning, mergers/acquisitions or ownership transition.

Let’s Get Started


Share the type of work you’re going after and if you have any upcoming bonds.


Our experienced advisors review your financials and company information to get an understanding of where you are compared to where you want to go.   

Gain a Partner

Connect with a surety company that looks favorably upon your company’s situation and can help you get the jobs you want.

Reach the Next Level

We keep in communication throughout the year so your surety program stays consistent with changing goals.

A Trusting Relationship

We believe in you and want surety underwriters to feel the same. Watch how when we build deep connections with clients, success is sure to follow.

Client Experiences


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