Insurance for the Manufacturing Industry

Innovation isn’t only for the manufacturing process – It’s also an important way to approach your insurance program. Having the right commercial insurance partner can support your company’s growth while also keeping you protected.

It’s a Fast-
Paced World

Your company is changing. As manufacturing embraces innovation and automated processes, you are faced with rising costs, increased regulations and changing safety precautions. Insurance plays a direct role in these challenges. Yet it can be daunting to navigate which coverages you need or could do without and the role safety plays in it all.

Like your company, insurance can be innovative. But only if your advisor truly understands your business.

We’re in Your Corner

You deserve to work with a broker who understands your unique coverage and safety needs, while also having a firm grasp of how future innovations in the industry will impact your business.

For 60 years, The Miller Group has helped companies build customized insurance and safety programs. We tackle your insurance program from multiple directions, looking at your safety initiatives, workers comp claims and other issues to find ways to control costs so you can invest more into your company’s future.

Better Business Solutions

Strategic Planning

Innovative ideas help boost employee safety and reduce overhead costs – Both now and in the future.


Safety leads to fewer claims and more affordable workers comp premiums. Use our advanced analytics and one-on-one consultations to boost your worksite safety.

Control Costs

Innovative approaches to commercial insurance can help manage premium costs and plan for your yearly renewal.

Claims Support

We are there when you need us most. Work with a team that’s patient, communicates clearly, and advocates on your behalf to the insurance carrier.

Customer Service

What you don’t have time for, our team does. They take the stress and worry off your plate by helping manage coverage, provide certificates and ID cards quickly, and more. We are just a phone call away.

Experienced Advisors

Work with an insurance advisor who understands the unique challenges manufacturers face. We understand your business inside and out.

Let’s Get Started


Get a free risk assessment of your current insurance with an advisor who understands manufacturing.


Discuss potential gaps in coverage you may not be aware of, plus get a grasp on what coverage you actually need for short and long-term success.

Gain a Partner

We’re not just a broker; we’re your partner. You’ll have an accessible team who is there when you need them.

Rest Easy

Know that you have the right coverage and that your advisor is there to support you every step of the way, both now and in the future.

Better Days Are Ahead

Like you, The Miller Group works hard. See how we protect your business and assets so you can continue to grow as a healthy company.

Client Experiences

Check out the case study

October 7, 2022

The $2.5 Million Safety Net 

Just months after picking up flood coverage, Global Parts experienced a major flood.

Workers Compensation: Get a Quote Now

Accidents happen. Make sure you have the right coverage that protects your employees and company.


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