Private Risk Management Insurance
Private Risk Management

Private Risk Management Insurance

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Your business is protected, but what about your family? We work in partnership with heads of households or wealth managers to organize and analyze your private risk management insurance in Kansas City. Guiding you on strategies to secure your wealth now and for generations to come.

Our private risk management
division has grown over
250% in the last six years.

It’s true, happy clients tell their friends about us. Then, their friends tell their friends. Tap in to what others have discovered. We deliver above and beyond service to protect your family’s substantial assets.


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How Clients Describe The Miller Group
Private Risk insurance consultants in Kansas City

Easy to do business with

A Simple Discovery Process

Very few people like to spend time thinking about private risk management Insurance in Kansas City. So we simplified our process. A short but thorough discovery phase allows us to understand your current coverage and your current assets.

Wealth management insurance in Kansas City

Strategic thinking

Protecting Your
Family Legacy

You worked hard to build a financial legacy for your loved ones, but the risks to your lifetime accomplishments are high. Unlike many brokers, The Miller Group specializes in private risk management insurance in Kansas City – protecting the assets of high-net-worth individuals and families.

Better Business Solutions

Strategic Planning

Big Picture Thinking

Beyond simply quoting your coverage, The Miller Group's private risk managers will coordinate property appraisals, help with valuables inventories and facilitate change requests. We regularly audit your assets and send updates so you can rest easy your family is in good hands.

Wealth Advisors

Make Insurance Part of the Plan

Protecting your assets and those of your family is not the expertise of your financial planner, wealth manager or family office manager. We know when and how to consolidate policies, protect assets, provide personal security and manage change. If you work with a wealth manager, let us know.

Claims Advocacy

Call Us First

When claims occur, our job is to act on your behalf. Your first call should be to us and we'll get the wheels in motion. We'll answer your questions, advocate when there is an issue and follow up to ensure your satisfaction.

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Did you know you can combine family policies for better protection?


It’s not about how much information you have, it’s about the right information at your fingertips.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to go where you can quickly find what you need, when you need it?  Check out the resources on this page for factual, accurate updates on topics that matter most to you.  Don’t see what you need?  Contact us and ask.  We’re the private risk management insurance brokers in Kansas City that are happy to help.