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Individual Healthcare Options

Life can throw CURVEBALLS

Miller Milestones is at your service.

Adult children move home. Jobs end. Divorce happens. Knowing more about individual healthcare options can help you make good decisions. Miller Milestones is at your service.

Here’s a quick snapshot of when an individual healthcare policy may be helpful to you and your pocketbook.

Better Healthcare Solutions

Adult Children Turning 26

Do you have an adult child on your company’s group health plan? An individual policy may be a better option for them (and you). And then, what happens when they turn 26? Let Miller Milestones find solutions.

Baby Boomers Turning 65

Are you, your parents or a friend turning 65 soon? Medicare-eligible individuals should start checking out their options about three months before turning 65. But it can be tough to understand – Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D. Let Miller Milestones guide you along the right path and help select the policies that are best for you.

Newborn Coverage Options

New parents have 30 days to add a child (biological or adoptive) to a group plan. But moving from the individual group rate to a family group rate may not be the most economical choice. It’s nice to have options.


COBRA is designed to provide a healthcare policy option when you or a family member have lost coverage for any variety of reasons. But it can be pricey. Individual policies that provide coverage for COBRA-eligible employees and their families are available and often less expensive. Miller Milestones is here to help.

Need Short-Term Coverage?

Short-term coverage is an option that can come in handy if you are a new hire and have a 30-60-90-day waiting period, or if you missed open enrollment (it does occasionally happen). These plans can be affordable and provide protection until a longer-term solution is found.

Give Us a Call

The Miller Group offers an in-house expert that navigates the maze of coverage, carriers and prices for individual policies when a group plan isn’t an option. We will help individuals find insurance plans that fit their needs by helping them understand their options. For more information contact April Greig at aprilg@millercares.com or call 913-980-3410.