Every year, The Miller Group donates a minimum of 10% of its profits to the community.

Miller Group
Community Involvement


The number one value of our founder Bob Miller was placing God, family, and community before all else. These values created a culture of caring and civic engagement. Caring for the community is part of our DNA.

charitable giving

The Miller Way

Employees can designate nonprofit client organizations of their choice to receive a monetary gift at the end of the year. The contributions are removed from their paycheck each pay period and The Miller Group matches the contributions 100%.

a face in the community

Paid Volunteer Day

Volunteer time is like gold to most nonprofits. Therefore, we grant each employee one day a year to volunteer at a nonprofit of their choice. Our employees love it. The nonprofits love it. Our community grows stronger. Win. Win. Win.

group involvement

Group Service Projects

Since nonprofit agencies are a big part of our client base, we understand how great their needs are. As a company, we participate in an all-day service event once or twice a year.

More Ways to Engage

Personal Investement

Volunteerism and Board Membership

Many of our staff serve as members on nonprofit boards. Other staff are involved in personal projects and volunteering – such as mentoring, companionship with the elderly and disabled, and feeding the hungry. Our Christian mission drives us to works of mercy and compassion.

sharing our space

Access to Our Community Room

We encourage all of our clients, and any nonprofit in the area, to use our rooms for their purposes – strategic planning, board meetings, committee meetings, etc. We host an Executive Round Table, which give nonprofit leaders a Space to Focus. Our office also houses employees of Lead to Read.

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