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Managing Your Costs

No Margin.
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We get it. Insurance for nonprofits in Kansas City means saving you money, protecting your assets, and strengthening your balance sheet. Look to us for innovative employee benefit programs, financial analytics that focus on the bottom line, policy audits that uncover potential gaps, safety and loss prevention help and MOD analysis.

Making Your Job Easier

Taking Care
of Business

Your time is valuable and better spent doing what you do best. We understand this on many levels. Multiple property policies, auto I.D. cards, OSHA compliance and claim questions can eat up your day. Benefits Open Enrollment of new health care regulations can cause heartburn. Relax and lean on The Miller Group. We’re here to help.

Insurance challenges for nonprofits

You’re Not Alone. We’re Here to Help.

Nonprofits face skyrocketing insurance costs.
They may even have a hard time finding carriers willing to provide coverage.
We understand your unique challenges and can help you gain control.

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Do you need a new approach to insurance coverage?

Are you looking for a broker who understands the nonprofit community?

Would you like to use our community room for volunteer meetings?


Insurance for Nonprofits

Strategic Thinking

Preparing for the Future

We are ready to join your team as a strategic adviser and ally in all your risk management activities. Annual partnership meetings, due diligence during mergers or acquisitions and proactively looking for new product and service options are just a few of our commitments. We look out for you because we care about your mission.

Empowering Your Staff

CEO Roundtables & Learning Opportunities

We partner with Bruce Scott, a leader in nonprofit management, to offer roundtables to area nonprofit c-suite management. We host breakfast and lunch learning opportunities on topics such as storytelling, donor prospecting, benefits communications or workers compensation.

Industry Expertise

Nonprofit Knowledge Helps Us Help You

Our team has been working with nonprofits for decades. We stay on top of industry trends through memberships and affiliations with a variety of local and national nonprofit associations. We are frequent guest presenters at nonprofit conferences in the Midwest.


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How Clients Describe The Miller Group
Nonprofit Clients

Business Philanthropist
of the Year

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Go ahead. Ask around. Our reputation in this industry is unsurpassed. Kansas City’s largest nonprofit association, Nonprofit Connect, named us the 2017 Business Philanthropist of the Year as a result of contributions to the community.

We work with and for many nonprofits in the area. Over 75 nonprofits in the Midwest rely on The Miller Group for insurance for nonprofits, including employee benefits and/or risk management.