How to Hire Smart in a Tough Labor Market

How to Hire Smart in a Tough Labor Market

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Are you having a hard time hiring these days? You’re not alone. The Department of Labor says the United States has been adding jobs every month for the last seven years. And while the pace of growth has slowed, we still added 2 million jobs in 2017. It’s clearly a candidate’s market.

Our friends at the recruiting and staffing services firm Aerotek recently presented a Learning Café at The Miller Group to provide our clients some advice on handling the hiring challenge. Here’s what we learned.

Know Your Market
Your employees are probably being poached daily. So you’d be wise to keep an eye on the competition. Make sure your pay, incentives and employee experience are competitive. Also keep an eye on the supply and demand. An easy way to check demand is to put your job title into a site like Indeed to see how many similar positions are available in your area. If the demand is high, you may need to put more effort into your posting or get some help filling the position.

Hire Fast
Gone are the days when you could take several weeks to make a hire. In this market, you need to contact attractive candidates and get them through the interviewing process quickly. Group multiple interviews in one day. And when you find someone you like, make an offer. If you keep candidates on the line too long, your competitors are likely to snatch them up.

Present a Valuable Proposition
When interviewing, remember that it’s a candidate’s market. You need to sell your company to candidates just as much as they need to sell themselves to you. Companies that have the most success hiring and KEEPING their staff have strong company cultures, with regular communication, training and incentives. In construction firms especially, employees are being recruited all the time and will easily jump for a little more pay. To create loyalty, make them feel they’re valued with incentives, bonuses and training.

Work Closely with Your Recruiters
Remember that your recruiters are your partner – whether in-house or external. Bring them in on your plans so they can help you work ahead. Before you begin recruiting, make sure to have your job description and any required approvals lined up. This will allow you to act fast.

Think about using an outside recruiter if you have to hire a large number of staff, need to fill a highly competitive position or have a new or unique role to fill.

Employment Practice Liability (EPLI)

One note of caution. Even though the hiring process may be faster than usual, you still need to follow good procedures. You don’t want to put your company at risk from discrimination claims or wrongful termination lawsuits if you fire an employee you hired too quickly. Make sure you review your policies, provide training to your hiring managers and check your EPL insurance for adequate coverage.


By Laura Miller Forbes, HR Director, The Miller Group

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