Company Culture: More than Ping-Pong and Beer

Company Culture: More than Ping-Pong and Beer

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Company culture seems to have become a popular buzz word these past few years. We often see companies adding a ping-pong table or keg of beer to the breakroom and calling it culture. While foosball and beer may make work more enjoyable, your culture is much more than that. Your culture is made up by your values, your commitments and how your office operates -and not just on paper. You must live them. It’s one thing to say you care about your employees’ families, and another to offer paternal leave for both parents.

Companies that have leadership dedicated to making the office culture great are the most successful. We know a little something about that. The Miller Group was recently named one of The Kansas City Business Journal’s Best Places to Work, in large part because of the culture our leadership has nurtured over the years. Be sure to look at all the other amazing KC companies as well.  There is much to learn from this group.

For us, our culture is deeply rooted on work life balance. Our values echo this. We place God, family, and community first  and we strive to make that a reality. We offer our employees unlimited PTO, and a generous parental leave policy. We have a robust wellness program (that has helped us be named as one of the Healthiest Places to Work for the past two years) and make a point to give back to our community. In fact, we received Nonprofit Connect’s Business Philanthropist of the Year in 2017. These programs help give our employees the tools they need to control these aspects of their lives.

Culture is also the day-to-day operations at the office. Do your managers have an open-door policy? Are schedules flexible? Does your executive team communicate well with their employees?  Do employees feel appreciated? By creating and implementing the right policies, your employees can be more engaged in their work, producing better results for all.

Changing a company culture is not something that happens overnight.  There’s no quick fix.  Researching what others have done, gathering feedback from your employees and getting executive level commitment will help get you started on creating a culture that’s right for your company.


By Laura Miller Forbes, Director, Administration and HR

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