Safety Q&A: How Can Drivers Keep Pedestrians and Cyclists Safe?

Safety Q&A: How Can Drivers Keep Pedestrians and Cyclists Safe?


Summer is almost here. The weather continues to tease us with warm days and sunshine from week to week. Before long we will be in the throes of summer, bringing an increase to motorcycles, bicyclists, and exercising pedestrians to the roadways. Now is the time to remind employees of these hazards that change on the road during warmer months.

Pedestrians on the Move

Drivers should always keep an eye on pedestrians walking, even if they are on the sidewalk. People can step into traffic faster than a vehicle can come to a stop. Also make sure your drivers watch pedestrians on sidewalks near cars parked on the street, so drivers can be ready when people enter the roadway to get to their vehicle.

Pedestrians sometimes cross roads and intersections when not at crosswalks or when they do not have a signal to cross. Vehicles are at a disadvantage and can strike pedestrians when this happens. Special attention should be given to locations where pedestrians are to avoid vehicle vs. pedestrian collisions.

Bicyclists on the Road

Cycling has become a favorite pastime in the US. There are more and more bicyclists sharing the road, and they have a right to be on the roadway. Due to their small size and lack of lighting, it can be difficult to see them. Extra caution should be taken when driving on winding, narrow lanes as bicyclists can appear suddenly. Always be observant and keep from being distracted by phones and other devices.

Motorcyclists in Your Blind Spot

Speaking of two wheels, motorcycle riders are enjoying the freedom of riding in the warmer months. Motorcycles share some of the same concerns as cyclists because they are easily missed if you are not paying attention. Many motorcycle manufacturers make sure their lighting is effective and the exhaust is loud enough to be heard in vehicles. Still, be mindful of your blind spots.

Never tailgate motorcycles (or any vehicle really) and give plenty of space between you and the motorcyclist. Motorcycles can stop much faster and at shorter distances than trucks or cars. Signal all your lane changes and turns. This helps others anticipate your movements. Finally, be mindful when making left turns in case a motorcyclist is in your blind spot.

These tips are great for your employees when driving not only for work but with their families. We want everyone to be safe on the road to get home to those they love.


By Aaron Paris ASP, Director of Safety, The Miller Group

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