Growing From $1 Million to $100 Million Bonds

December 21, 2023

Securing a reliable bond program can unlock unlimited growth potential. In 2022, Arbor Masters saved over 20% when exploring new markets through utilizing the right program.

Growing From $1 Million to $100 Million Bonds


Arbor Masters is a third-generation, family-owned business that takes pride in their work and their work family, while providing quality tree service, plant care and more.

Approaching every job with integrity, innovation and years worth of expertise, owner Ron Keith has grown them from a local company that opened in 1965 to a national, multi-million-dollar business.


Twenty years ago, Arbor Masters was on the brink of losing a $1 million contract due to their broker’s inability to secure a performance bond. As a result, they were at risk of not only losing this job but also potential future growth opportunities without a reliable bond program in place.

The importance of having a bond program cannot be overstated for construction companies. It serves as a guarantee to clients that their project will be completed according to the agreed terms and specifications. Without a bond, clients may view the company as unreliable and choose to work with competitors who can provide this assurance. In addition, any public work over $100,000 requires a bond, so without that, bidding public work jobs would not be possible.

Having a bond program in place also helps mitigate risks for both parties involved in a construction project. It ensures that contractors will be paid for their work and protects clients from potential financial loss in the event of contractor default.

With all these factors in mind, Arbor Masters’ decision to seek out a new broker and secure a performance bond was crucial not just for this specific project, but for their overall growth and reputation.


The Miller Group approached Arbor Masters in 2002 to offer assistance in securing a $1 million performance bond. Thanks to the expertise of The Miller Group’s surety bond specialists, they were able to obtain the needed performance bond with ease.

As a result, Arbor Masters asked The Miller Group to do a deep dive into their other insurance coverages. This proved to be a fruitful undertaking as they were able to save over 20% by exploring new markets that had not been previously considered.

Arbor Masters’ continued growth and expansion into offering services across the country brought about the need for worker’s compensation insurance in all states. In response, The Miller Group looked into self-insurance products to fulfill this requirement. This proactive approach not only provided Arbor Masters with the necessary coverage but also resulted in significant cost savings.


Thanks to the success of these initiatives, Arbor Masters extended their trust in The Miller Group and sought their expertise for employee benefits, plus property and casualty insurance needs. The Miller Group’s comprehensive approach proved to be highly beneficial, resulting in considerable time and money savings for Arbor Masters.

In February 2023, The Miller Group presented Arbor Masters with a letter from a bonding company confirming their support of Arbor Masters on $100 million jobs. The company is now able to focus on its core operations without worrying about insurance coverage or costs, ultimately contributing to their continued success and growth.

The Miller Group’s surety bond experts have over 20 years of experience in securing performance bonds for clients like Arbor Masters. Their knowledge and expertise allow them to navigate the complex world of surety bonds and help their clients obtain the necessary bonding for their projects.

“What I appreciate about The Miller Group is how they sit down with me and help me work through something I have not dealt with before. The expertise and partnership is appreciated very much.”

Ron Keith
Arbor Masters