Communicating Benefits to Employees Throughout the Year

February 1, 2024

Help your employees remember the benefits they've signed up for and how to properly utilize them. Check out ideas on how to keep benefits part of the conversation all year long.

Communicating Benefits to Employees Throughout the Year

Enrolling in benefits is often a task that HR leaders only consider a few times a year. For employees, it is even less frequent. Once they sign off on their benefits, it is often forgotten until a situation arises where they need to rely on them. But what about other occasions when they could have taken advantage of their benefits but forgot they had the option? Communicating benefits throughout the year allows employees to maximize the value of what they enrolled in.

Effective ongoing communication helps employees recognize the value of their enrollment. This, in turn, can help them recognize the company’s commitment to their health and well-being. Employees are more likely to use their benefits, helping both themselves and the company. The first step is capturing their attention.

Capturing your employees’ attention is crucial when communicating their benefits package. An engaged employee actively demonstrates interest in their benefits and is more likely to utilize it to their full potential. There are several ways to capture attention and ensure comprehension:

Randomly sending out communication to employees will not effectively grab attention. Instead, be intentional. For example, when the end of the year is near, remind employees to use their remaining FSA funds.

To help keep track of important dates and what to send out, create a communication calendar. This will aid in staying organized and save you the time of coming up with ideas mid-year.

To keep an employee’s attention, strive for short messages and avoid giving the same information over and over again. The basic formula for your message should be:

  1. Something they may not know about their benefits
  2. Why it’s important to them
  3. What they can do to learn more

Providing concise and to the point information will help keep employees interested in their benefits.

Varying your communication method can help retain your employees’ attention so they don’t gloss over your message. Some ideas are mailing printed flyers, posting videos to an intranet site, or hanging posters in the workplace. Utilizing multiple communication channels can generate greater employee engagement and interest in your message.

Given that every workplace is unique, you will need to determine the most suitable communication channels that cater to your employees’ needs and preferences.

Benefit-specific websites or intranets serve as platforms to consolidate all the information from benefit brochures and more. With easy access to their benefits anytime, employees can find helpful resources like deductible information, instructional videos and provider information. Whether on a mobile device or computer, this information is available 24/7, ensuring convenience and efficiency.  

Emails are perfect for mass communicating with employees. By sending regular newsletters or reminders on important deadlines, you can effortlessly reach a wide audience, ensuring everyone stays informed and engaged.

Face-to-face meetings and presentations are the preferred method for complex and important information. It encourages more interaction and enables employees to ask questions, ensuring they fully understand their options. One-on-one meetings allow individuals to ask specific questions they may be uncomfortable asking in a group setting.

In-person meetings can happen frequently throughout the year in the form of lunch and learn sessions, interactive wellness programs and focus groups to evaluate the effectiveness of certain benefits.

Posters, flyers, infographics and benefit brochures are all ways to communicate information through physical form. Displaying them strategically in break rooms, conference rooms and other popular areas allows employees to stay informed and view them frequently.

Communicating benefits consistently throughout the year is vital for both employers and employees. By engaging employees in the conversation, they will see the company’s commitment to their health and well-being. For more ideas on how to effectively communicate your employees benefits year-round, reach out to a trusted advisor.

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