Create a Positive Impact as a Safety Mentor

May 9, 2023

As a safety mentor, your attitude and respect for safety policies can create a positive impact in the workplace and prevent accidents from happening.

Create a Positive Impact as a Safety Mentor

Have you ever had a coworker who inspired you or pushed you to be better? As a dedicated employee you can have the same impact on your team, especially new team members.

During their first few weeks, new employees look for experienced coworkers to learn from. By creating a positive influence, you can become a role model for them as they learn company procedures.

Your attitude, perspective and respect towards policies and safety protocols can impact how they view their assigned work – possibly preventing accidents and serious injuries while on the job.

Become a safety mentor

There are several actions you can take to positively influence new employees:

  • Be proactive in safety meetings
  • Show initiative during procedures
  • Speak up when actions do not match policies
  • Volunteer to help other
  • Share your own experiences of staying safe on the job or mistakes you have made

Working in a career with a variety of hazards emphasizes the importance of creating a positive safety environment. As a safety mentor, you have the privilege and responsibility to share knowledge that can protect not only yourself, but those you serve and your coworkers.

Guiding new employees

Adjusting to a new job and safety protocols takes time, especially for those who have never held a similar position or have gone through an ineffective safety program. Your manager may naturally look to you, a seasoned employee, for guidance once they are done training the new employee. Early impressions from you and other coworkers will set the tone for how they view safety and your companies’ policies.

It’s important to lead by example during this time of transition. Your actions speak louder than words, and failing to follow safety procedures puts new employees, who are learning from and imitating you, in danger. On the other hand, new employees may come from organizations that prioritize safety, and their respect for you may grow when they see your commitment to workplace safety.

Prioritizing safety

Accidents and incidents are a reality in any organization, but safety should always take priority. Guiding new coworkers through safety protocols the right way will set the tone for the entire team. Make sure to help new employees become aware of job-related dangers, resulting in a safer environment for everyone.

Think of that coworker who inspired you and do your best to keep them in mind when working with new employees. Making a good impression on a new employee can inspire them to become a safety mentor themselves. Seize the opportunity to make a positive impact.

About The Author

Aaron Paris, CSP, ASP

Aaron Paris, CSP, ASP
Email As the Director of Safety, Property & Casualty, Aaron has more than six years of experience in workplace safety and 12 years in law enforcement. Aaron consults with clients on a wide variety of safety issues such as worker safety, auto, property risk and other safety procedures. He is also authorized to teach OSHA 10- and 30- hour courses.