Safety Q&A: What is JSA and How Does it Keep My Team Safe?

Safety Q&A: What is JSA and How Does it Keep My Team Safe?


Q: What is a JSA and how does it keep my team safe?

A: Construction teams can be better prepared for a job site and establish higher safety measures by first performing a job safety analysis (JSA), also known as a jobsite hazard analysis (JHA). The JSA process allows team members to identify potential jobsite risks and mitigate them.

JSAs and JHAs look at how a job will be done, identify hazards workers will be exposed to, then provide the safest way to conduct the job. While they are most effective when done before a job begins, it is never too late to start, even if the work has already begun.

So how do you perform an analysis?

There are two ways: 1) Observe the job being completed and document the process, or 2) have a group discussion by experienced employees to evaluate the job.

There are general 4 steps to the process:

  1. Select a job to analyze
  2. Identify the steps to complete the job
  3. Determine risks present in each step
  4. Find best approach to mitigate risks

When the analysis is complete, be sure you communicate results to employees, preferably in a visual or narrative format. This will help your team better understand and relate to the information, resulting in higher engagement than a formal report would produce.

If you need help getting started, download our template. You’re always welcome to contact me if you’d like additional guidance.

Aaron Paris - Safety JSA     By Aaron Paris, Director of Safety, The Miller Group



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