Safety Q&A: The Other PPE Your Business Should Have on Hand

Safety Q&A: The Other PPE Your Business Should Have on Hand


After a whirlwind of a year, we have a lot to take in. Now that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s important to look back at what worked.

There were great strides in health and safety due to necessity from the pandemic. Safety professionals across the country were put front and center in their organizations to develop emergency plans and programs that kept employees safe. Everyone rushed to provide personal protective equipment, yet there is another type of PPE every business should have – a Plan, Prepare and Execute strategy for emergencies.


First, as much as possible, you must understand what you are trying to accomplish before beginning an initiative or making a change. In 2020, there was a sliding scale of what needed to be done during the pandemic. To be successful, companies had to start off with a plan. For those who had done business interruption analysis and had emergency preparedness plans, they were ahead of others by having a game plan for reducing the threat of employee illness and its impact on business operations. Those who had not done so needed to take this initial step to identify all threats to their business lines.


Once the plan is in place, you need to prepare for the last phase. This can come in the form of getting the appropriate resources ready, communicating to employees the plan and getting locations set for the new norm.


After you have prepared, the final stage is to execute the plan. The final stage is the easiest, yet you’re not done. There needs to be a constant evaluation of how the plan is working – in both successes and areas to improve.  There may need to be adjustments to correct unforeseen conditions or new hazards. Once identified, you would then begin the process once more.

You can tackle many safety issues with this PPE approach. Now that we’re coming out of the pandemic, I encourage you to identify your concerns, make a plan, prepare for how to accomplish the plan, and then execute your approach should the time come. Take pride in how you have succeeded in the midst of adversity and use it to begin to take on other safety concerns.


Aaron Paris - Safety JSABy Aaron Paris ASP, Director of Safety, The Miller Group

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