Private Risk Management

Personal Insurance to Protect Your Legacy

You’ve trusted us with your company, now trust us with the life you’ve built outside of work.

Make Insurance
Part of
Your Plan

Your business is protected, but what about your family? We work with individuals to analyze and organize your personal insurance and umbrella coverages. We’ll guide you on strategies to secure the life you’ve built now and for generations to come.

We’re Here Through it All

You are more than just a client, we take genuine interest in your life. By understanding what is most valuable to you, we will create a simple process and guide you every step of the way.

Better Solutions

Breathe Easier

We protect your family and the things you love. Everything from auto insurance to your RV, to coverage of single and multiple homes, even inheritances. Know you have done all you can to protect your family’s assets.

Full Service

Go beyond simply getting quotes for coverage. We coordinate property appraisals, help with valuable inventories and facilitate updates to your coverage.

Coverage That’s Up to Date

Protecting your hard-earned assets is not a one and done event. With yearly reviews of how your assets have changed, you can rest easy knowing that your family has the right coverage.

Protect Your Wealth

Protecting your personal assets is not the expertise of your financial planner, wealth manager or family office manager. We know when and how to consolidate policies, submit a claim, and manage change.

Claims Advocacy

When claims occur, The Miller Group team advises you on how to begin the claims process and what information will be needed. We can also advocate for you when there is an issue.

Take a New Approach

You could be paying higher than necessary premiums by always taking a traditional approach to insurance. Discover if there’s something that works better for your unique situation.

Protect Your Assets


Get a free assessment of your current insurance with a personal insurance advisor.


Discuss policies to see what changes should be made to your current coverage.

Gain a Partner

We’re not just a broker, we’re your partner. You’ll have an accessible team who knows your time is valuable.

Rest Easy

Know you have the right coverage and that your advisor is there to support you every step of the way, both now and in the future.

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