Hiring Best Practices

Hiring Best Practices

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Hiring Best Practices

Hiring Best Practices

Are Your New Hires Not Living Up to Expectations?

Ever hire someone who did not live up to your expectations?¬† Everyone has. Kirk Young with Job Match Assessment, Inc. will be here to discuss how we interview for competence, but fire for poor fit or misconduct. You’ll learn about the assessment, testing, and survey methods you can use to make sure your candidates fit for the long run, develop the skills you need, and share your¬†culture.

By the end of the presentation you will know:

  • A hiring model that starts with the end-in-mind.
  • Ways to hire the right person the first time.
  • Techniques to comply with EEOC testing regulations.
  • Maximizing return on human resources costs.
  • Ensuring honesty, work ethic, and reliability.



The Miller Group
6363 College Blvd. Suite 400
Overland Park, Ks


10/04/2017  - 10/04/2017


8:00am  - 9:00am