5 Reasons to Buy Local: KC Businesses

5 Reasons to Buy Local: KC Businesses


5 Reasons to Buy Local: KC Local Businesses are Vital to One Another’s Success

In this era of staying in and buying online, it’s easy for businesses to take the same approach. You may find it’s more convenient – and feels safer – to push a button and buy products and services from a national supplier or service provider. But I’d like to challenge you to take a hard look at your spending and try to re-focus it locally. KC is counting on you to buy local.

Buying local is good for the local economy, which supports your business. According to the American Independent Business Alliance (AIBA), locally-owned businesses recirculate a larger percentage of revenue locally than nationally owned businesses do:

  • First, there’s the impact of their local spending on everything from utilities to employee pay.
  • Next, consider the effect of their spending with other local businesses.
  • Even more compelling are the numbers: The AIBA cites a study showing that every $100 spent at local independents generated $45 of secondary local spending, compared to $14 for a big-box chain.

At The Miller Group, we respect those statistics. Moreover, we buy local whenever we can simply because it’s the right thing to do. And we think it’s the right thing to do for our clients, too.

  1. Charitable giving
    While most large, national companies make very respectable contributions to local charities, they may not rival the contributions of our own, local small businesses. A survey by SCORE.org said small businesses donate 250% more than large businesses to nonprofits and communities. And 75% of small business owners donated an average of 6% of their profits to charitable organizations annually.
  2. Civic support
    Like many of you, The Miller Group also invests in organizations such as the Royals, Chiefs, and Starlight. That’s because we believe in KC and want to support it. When the decision making moves out of town, you tend to lose a lot of that.
  3. Employment
    We see employment as a part of our mission. The best thing you can do for someone is to give them a good job. Through the current pandemic, we made a commitment not to lay anyone off. We have about 65 employees, and we’re supporting 65 families. We pray for those families every day – and for our customers, too. You’re less likely to get that kind of caring from out-of-town owners. Some of our national peers have laid off up to 25% of their workforce.
  4. Trust and networking
    I’m involved in several local CEO roundtables, where we share best practices and help one another with ideas and networking. It’s easier to build trusting relationships with local leaders. We also think our understanding of the community allows us to serve local clients better. In both construction and nonprofits, our deep connections in the local community can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of our business advisory services.
  1. The fabric of our community
    During the pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of local retailers go out of business. That’s why we recently gave our employees some cash to get a carryout dinner – but only if they patronized a locally owned business.

It’s so important to support local businesses if you have a choice. It’s the right thing to do, and it will come back to help you. We all want to live – and do business – in a vibrant community. And you have the power to support that idea with every purchase you make when you buy local.

By Sean Miller, CEO, The Miller Group

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